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Specialist Recruitment Consulting

Rowena Shorey

I am a recruitment professional with expertise in helping candidates find their dream job and employers their perfect fit candidate. My services include:

CV Writing Services

Cover Letters - LinkedIn Profile



You really don’t have very long to make an impression with your CV. 

It could be a matter of seconds…

I'll create a CV for you that quickly makes you the STAND-OUT candidate!

Writing your compelling story in a CV

I take the time to fully understand you, your career and ambition and then write it into a powerful narrative that will widen recruiters’ eyes and win you interviews. 


I make your CV authentic to you. It will feel as if you yourself have written it.

Your new CV will boost your confidence every time you apply for a job or attend an interview and that alone hugely increases your chances of getting that job.

My many years of experience of working closely with talent acquisition teams means that I know how to energise your CV story and make it jump off the page and leave the hiring company wanting to know more about you.

Beating the AI filters with a human touch

With so much competition for jobs, many employers use Resume AI algorithms to automatically scan and shortlist candidates. 

I will optimise your CV so it contains the essential keywords so the robots put you into the top pile for further consideration.

Even humans scanning your CV quickly discard those that don’t use the keywords that they are looking for.

However many keywords your CV contains, it is still going to be read by a human at some point so has to be very well written.

I can also write your...

Cover letters

A well-crafted cover letter to supplement your CV will give you the inside edge between your application being successful over another candidate’s. Using my extensive experience to understand the nuance of what the recruiter is looking for, I will make sure that your letter delivers impact.

LinkedIn Profile

Your LinkedIn profile is becoming an essential tool that recruiters study with or without your CV. Once we have made your CV shine we can then upgrade your LinkedIn profile to make it a powerful ally in your job search. 

Alison Coates
Marketing, Licensing
CV Writing, Interview Preparation
2 October 2020

I cannot recommend Rowena enough for helping supporting you through this journey. Her attention to detail and knowledge in all things recruitment is second to none. Please get in touch with Rowena if you need help with getting your CV in shape, interview advice and confidence boosting! Thank you Rowena, your support and kindness is very much appreciated by me and many others.

Jon Tilley
General Manager EU, United Wheels Inc.
Candidate Search
2 October 2020

Rowena makes the process of recruitment simple and easy. She only puts candidates in front of you who are right for the job. She takes the time to get to know you and your business.

Karl Young
National Account Manager
CV Writing, Interview Prep
2 October 2020

Rowena has been great with advice, help and support. It has been very much appreciated. Rowena took an out of date CV and created something relevant and fit for purpose. Rowena came highly recommended and I will do the same.

Joel Lucy
Sales Director - Motorola UK Baby Care Products at Brightstar Corp
CV Writing
2 October 2020

Very impressed with this service, Rowena has been able to capture details and information in a way which I would never have been able to. The whole process was fantastic, from the initial consultation over the phone, which was engaging and very professional, through to a seamless process that lead to a CV that will definitely command attention. I would definitely recommend and use Rowena again when I get to the next stage of my career.

Jeremy Pateman
UVD Robots
CV Writing
2 October 2020

Rowena approached the rejuvenation of my CV objectively, with thought and took the time to create a document that was personalised to me opposed to a standard template. I now have a flowing, hard hitting CV. It looks professional and promotes my key skills. I thoroughly recommend Rowena as a professional CV writer.

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Interview Preparation


Interviews are precious opportunities to shine and you have to make every second count. 

I will show you how to prepare for questions and give answers that will make you the outstanding candidate. There’s a lot more hard work than you might think in preparing for an interview, and I can guide you to ensure that you shine through on the day.

Be a master interviewee

Whether your interview is in person, on the phone, or now more commonly via video conferencing, I will give you in depth guidance how to maximise your time and even how to deal with the unexpected question!

The truth is you have to work hard to prepare, I can show you where to put your efforts to make it very difficult for recruiters to choose anyone else!

Candidate Search

I'll find the talent you need

As a Recruitment Director with over twenty years’ experience in quality led search and selection assignments,  I only work with the best talent in the industry and look to partner with you throughout the whole recruitment lifecycle and beyond.  

Understanding you, your company culture and what it takes for employees to be successful is paramount to my identifying the right talent for your business.

Salary brackets I recruit for start at £50,000 and rise to £100,000+, I work collaboratively with both client and candidate partnering to build mutually successful relationships which last for decades – honesty and integrity are key pillars in my business ethos.

If you would like to find out more about my recruitment processes please contact me.

About Rowena Shorey

I am an experienced Recruitment Director and Professional CV Writer.  I have been helping candidates and clients for over twenty years to find their next exciting role.  Creating a stand-out CV is an important part of that journey and it is one in which I excel.  What sets me apart from other recruiters is my depth of understanding the needs of both candidate and client, I listen and communicate effectively.  My CV Writing Service is tailored to the individual, ensuring the CV retains its authenticity and sounds like the owner has written it – I know the right key words which AI and human eye scan for.  Through my expertise as a recruiter I know the information hiring companies are looking for.  These attributes are the reason why I am continually recommended and referred.

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